Various Small Fires (VSF) is a gallery owned and operated by Esther Kim Varet in Los Angeles, California. In its short 5-year exhibition history, VSF has presented the Los Angeles debuts of many internationally recognized emerging, mid, and late career artists. 
Johnston MarkLee Architects designed the current VSF building in Hollywood with nearly 5,000 square feet (465 square meters) of exhibition space, including a unique sound corridor for year-round audio art programming. VSF is also one of the few commercial venues to have a dedicated outdoor gallery for large-scale sculpture and installation. 
VSF takes social responsibility seriously. 80% of our represented artists are women. The gallery uses 100% solar energy to operate its exhibition spaces and goes to great lengths to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate plastic by-products. 
In April 2019, VSF will open a second location in the Hannam neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea.
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