Fiona Connor & Co.
Walls and the Subtle Body & Heatwave
January 15, 2012



Two performances that will engage the architectural environment of Fiona Conner’s current exhibition at VSF, Murals and Print.


Walls and the Sublet Body is a collaborative sound work produced by Chiara Giovando and Brian Butler. Heatwave is a dance exploration of Connor’s walls choreographed and performed by Zachary Sharrin.


As Giovando states, “Architecture exists in two realms the physical and the subtle. It effects us tangibly, walls bar us, direct our movement and designate private space, but also architecture effects us energetically in abstract ways. The form of walls shape things unseen.”


This evening is part of a series of performative acts throughout the “Murals and Print” exhibition intended to demonstrate the body’s relation to space in general as well as to commercial gallery spaces at large.