Book Affair
Fiona Connor & Co.
February 11, 2012

10am – 4pm


Book Affair will function as both a fair and a temporary library and will take place within the current installation, “Murals and Print” by Fiona Connor. Participants include 2nd CannonsA-Z video,Chinatown: the sequelDexter SinisterHarsh PatelHenry GloverKaleidoscope, Ooga BoogaPrism of RealitySemiotexteTextfieldWorks Sited, and WorldFood Books.


While books will be offered for sale, the event will also be an opportunity for local publishers and artists to share titles and editions that are not always available to the Los Angeles community. Along these lines, each participant will bring five books for either selling and/or sharing. A comprehensive bibliography with all participants and their titles will also be compiled and distributed. There will also be a xerox machine located on the premises for visitors to use. Organized by Olivian Cha.


Book Affair will also feature furniture made specifically for the event by various artists and designers including Tahi MooreJoshua NathansonMichael Ned Holte, and Fiona Connor among others.