VARIOUS SMALL FIRES (VSF) is a commercial gallery in Los Angeles operated by Esther Kim Varet. It first opened its doors to the public in January 2012 on the main strip of Venice Beach, the home of Los Angeles’ original avant-garde. In homage to this legacy, VSF borrows its name from local artist Ed Ruscha’s conceptual art book, Various Small Fires and Milk, self-published in 1964.


VSF is dedicated to exhibitions that challenge conventional modes of art production and presentation, and its new gallery facilities in Hollywood were conceived to be an environment as dynamic as its curatorial agenda. In 2014, VSF collaborated with Johnston Marklee architects to re-imagine the traditional white cube gallery while taking full advantage of L.A.’s abundant natural light and favorable climate.


The resulting 5,000 square foot complex is an immersive series of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces for the presentation of art in all media. Upon entering the facility, visitors will first walk through an outdoor sound corridor architecturally outfitted with an array of hidden speakers to present an ongoing program of curated and commissioned sound art. At the end of the sound corridor is a ‘roofless’ outdoor gallery, surrounded by white walls and dedicated to large-scale sculpture, installation, performance, video art, and other discursive programming. Finally, linked to the outdoor gallery by large sliding glass doors is a 3,000 square foot building with a main gallery space and two project spaces, each outfitted with expansive skylights that flood the galleries with California’s legendary natural light.


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