VSF Panel Discussion (recording available)
Andrea Fraser, Amelia Jones, Vanessa Place, Hamza Walker
August 6, 2015





A panel discussion Subject To Change was held on  Thursday, August 6 at the VSF courtyard. The panelists Andrea Fraser, Amelia Jones, Vanessa Place and Hamza Walker discussed the role of the artists, curators, and critics in addressing work that escapes its intended institutional frame, and the question of the unforseen audience response. The panel was moderated by Esther Kim Varet.


Art is always site-specific, even if that site is the general site of the gallery. If artists are responsible for the representations of their art and curators responsible for its framing, and critics for its external contextualization, what becomes of these responsibilities when art generates an unanticipated response? What happens when a work’s context, and arguably, content, shifts because of unrelated current events or its reception by a more general (non-art) public? In the age of social media and the involuntary archive, can art ever remain within the field of art?


This panel has been organized in conjunction with VSF’s current exhibition, The Slick & The Sticky.


Andrea Fraser is one of the foremost figures in performance art and institutional critique. Fraser is Professor of Art at The University of California, Los Angeles. Surveys of her work have been presented at the Kunstervein Hamburg, the Museum Ludwig Koeln, the Museum der Moderne Salzburg, and are planned for the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona and MUAC Mexico City. Fraser was a founding member of the feminist performance group, The V-Girls (1986-1996); the project-based artist initiative Parasite (1997-1998); and the cooperative art gallery Orchard (2005-2008).


Amelia Jones is Professor at the Roski School of Art and Design at USC and was formerly Professor and Grierson Chair in Visual Culture at McGill University in Montreal. She has organized exhibitions (including, in 2013, Material Traces: Time and Gesture in Contemporary Art) and written about early twentieth-century modernism, on new media, on contemporary visual and performance art, and on feminist, queer, and anti-racist approaches to visual culture.


Vanessa Place is one of the foremost conceptual poets as well as a criminal defense attorney. Recent lectures and performances have included events at the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Sorbonne, The Whitechapel Gallery, and the Andre Bely Centre for Experimental Writing. In 2012, Place performed as part of the Whitney Biennial. Place is the co-curator of The Slick & The Sticky at Various Small Fires.


Hamza Walker is Director of Education for The Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago, and with Aram Moshayedi, Co-Curator of the 2016 edition of Made in LA at the Hammer Museum. He has written articles and essays for numerous magazines and monographs, and was the recipient of the 2010 Ordway Prize.


Image Caption: Jacob Kassay, Untitled, 2015. Glass, borrowed library book.