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Alexander Harrison – Midnight Everywhere

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Midnight Everywhere, Alexander Harrison’s (b. 1993, Greenville, South Carolina) West Coast debut and first solo exhibition at the gallery. Rendered in painstaking detail on an intimate scale, Harrison’s work conjures the illusive intricacy of Juan Sanchez Cotán’s still lifes of hanging fruit on a window’s ledge and the […]

Harold Ancart | Sebastian Black | Loïc Raguénès – C L E A R I N G x VSF

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Arms Of The Sea in collaboration with CLEARING New York / Brussels / Beverly Hills in its Seoul location. The exhibition by Harold Ancart, Sebastian Black and Loïc Raguénès, is proposed through three axes of work that explore liquidity, rhythm, and magnitude. Abstraction is central to the exhibition, […]

Che Lovelace – From the Edge of the Rock

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Che Lovelace: From the Edge of the Rock, the artist’s (b. 1969, San Fernando, Trinidad) second solo exhibition in the United States and his first exhibition at VSF. Lovelace’s vibrantly-colored paintings are rooted in the flora, fauna, and culture of the artist’s native Trinidad, where he lives and […]

Neha Choksi – The Weight of the Cave

Neha Choksi (b. 1973, New Jersey, raised in India, lives between Los Angeles and Bombay) works across a range of mediums, including performance, sculpture, painting, video, and installation. The Weight of the Cave is representative of Choksi’s long-standing interest in the history, craftsmanship, and manipulation of stone in her sculptural practice. Over the past decade, […]

Clarence Holbrook Carter – American Surrealist

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the first West Coast solo exhibition in five decades of works by the late American artist Clarence Holbrook Carter (b. Portsmouth, OH, 1904-2000) as part of an ongoing collaboration with WOLFS gallery (Cleveland, OH). An artist whose oeuvre is as hard to define as the times in which […]

Gina Beavers – Passionaries

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Passionaries, American artist Gina Beavers’ first solo exhibition in Asia and her first exhibition with VSF. In Seoul, the artist will present eight new paintings that look at contemporary Internet culture and social phenomena to consider themes that include consumerism, celebrity fandom, global media circulation, image consumption and […]

Henni Alftan & Dike Blair

KARMA x VSF Henni Alftan and Dike Blair November 28, 2020 – January 6, 2021 Various Small Fires is pleased to present a two-person exhibition with Henni Alftan and Dike Blair in collaboration with Karma, NY in its Seoul location. Featuring six new paintings by each artist, the work of Alftan and Blair negotiates the […]

Glen Wilson – Slim Margins

Glen Wilson is determined to excavate the margins, to investigate and focus his attention toward what resonates there. His discovery, evidence as a reflection of cellular memory comprising the sometimes slim connections of our instincts, spiritual remembrance and our comfort, weave together forming a visual poetics. His vocabulary embodies and emboldens a will to reclaim, […]

Sojourner Truth Parsons – Milk river

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the debut solo exhibition in Asia of New York based artist Sojourner Truth Parsons (b. 1984, Vancouver, CA) and the artist’s first solo exhibition at VSF. Parsons’ introspective paintings often offer glimpses into her personal environment, lived psychological processes, and the multi-perspectival identification of the self vs. the […]

Diedrick Brackens – the pondkeepers

Lake Mexia is a thousand-acre span of abundance, celebration, nostalgia, and grief. From above, it appears as a bat flying out of a cave, two wings beating against a star-studded night. At only 20 feet deep, its sediment is a 60-year layer of history and community. “I am thinking about what it means to be […]

Salon 94 – Elizabeth Neel – In the Belly of the Whale

In Vermont daily life is experienced intensely, as every moment not in the studio – nature’s logic stands in front of me with crossed arms. Elizabeth Neel, August 2020 American painter Elizabeth Neel’s latest exhibition, In the Belly of the Whale, is a hypnotic gateway into the beguiling pull of abstraction and a bow to […]

Gwynn + Billy

Gwynn Murrill and Billy Al Bengston go far back enough that they can’t seem to remember the exact moment that they met. Billy says it was during his last year of teaching at UCLA and “Gwynn was the best student in the art department,” while Gwynn recalls meeting Billy through their mutual friend, Tony Berlant, […]

Next of Kin

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 30, 2020, 4 – 6 pm Various Small Fires is pleased to present, Next of Kin, the exhibition debut of six American artists in Seoul, South Korea. In the unsettling ups and downs of the current COVID-19 crisis, VSF has taken the opportunity this summer to focus on a universal constant: […]

Juan Capistran – Play Dead

VISIT THE VIRTUAL VIEWING ROOM HERE Play Dead is LA-based artist Juan Capistrán’s first exhibition at Various Small Fires. Originally made in 2014 for the Hammer Museum, the sculpture I wanna be your dog takes on new meaning as it is re-installed today after several events have passed in the last six years attaching new […]

Josh Kline – Alternative Facts

VISIT THE ONLINE VIEWING ROOM HERE Various Small Fires is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Asia of the American artist Josh Kline, an extension of the artist’s project Civil War, which explores the catastrophic implications of America’s political dysfunction.   For over a decade as an artist and curator, Kline has surveyed […]

Jessie Homer French – Chernobyl

VISIT THE VIRTUAL VIEWING ROOM HERE Two years in the making, Jessie Homer French’s much anticipated solo exhibition at VSF Los Angeles, which includes paintings of untamed wild fires, recently visited cemeteries, and French’s most current obsession with the Chernobyl “exclusion zone”, suddenly feel like prescient visions of our contemporary world. For most of us, […]

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork – Variation in Mass, #1-3

Various Small Fires is pleased to present its first solo exhibition with Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Variations in Mass, #1-3, in the gallery courtyard and sound corridor. Gork, whose multi-media practice meditates on the relationship between sound, architecture, time and the body, debuts her first outdoor work – an immersive, polysensory installation consisting of three new […]

Liz Magic Laser

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Liz Magic Laser’s first solo exhibition in Asia. As a traveling presentation from Laser’s most recent exhibition at VSF Los Angeles, this debut presentation in Seoul introduces both the artist’s earlier work Mine (2009) and latest institutional project Handle / Poignée (2018), which was commissioned by Centre Pompidou […]

Calida Rawles – A Dream for My Lilith

“All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” -Toni Morrison   VSF is pleased to present A Dream for My Lilith, the gallery’s first solo exhibition with Calida Rawles. Reflecting on topographical matters which shape and hold black life, Rawles merges realism with poetic abstraction through […]

Liz Magic Laser – People Per Hour

Various Small Fires is pleased to present Liz Magic Laser’s third solo show with the gallery, People Per Hour. The exhibition marks the U.S. debut of Laser’s most recent institutional works, Handle / Poignée (2018), commissioned by Centre Pompidou for MOVE Festival, Paris and In Real Life (2019), commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and […]