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Andrea Longacre-White – The existing term has become inadequate

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Andrea Longacre-White (b. 1980, lives and works in Los Angeles).   The title, The existing term has become inadequate, comes from the wikipedia page for the term ‘retronym’ (“A word introduced because an existing term has become inadequate; “Nobody ever heard of analog […]

Diego Singh – unimodern gondolieri

Various Small Fires is pleased to present, unimodern gondolieri, the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Argentinean artist Diego Singh (b. Salta, Argentina, lives and works in Miami and New York).   The artist’s signature “denim” paintings, Rothko-esque in their scale and oceanic masses of pigment, will compete for wall space with his more recent text-based “captcha” series. […]

Samara Golden | Davida Nemeroff – Modern Painters

Various Small Fires is pleased to announce a special collaboration between Davida Nemeroff (b. 1981, Montréal, Canada) and Samara Golden (b. 1973, Ann Arbor, Michigan). The original title of the show, “Midnight Cowboy,” was changed to “Modern Painters” in reaction to the exhibition’s preview in the September issue of Modern Painters Magazine.   “Modern Painters” forms itself by talking about itself. […]

Liz Magic Laser -The Digital Face

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the west coast debut of Liz Magic Laser (b. 1981, New York, NY). Laser will exhibit video works from three recent performances: I Feel Your Pain (a Performa Commission, Produced by Performa), Flight, and The Digital Face. Laser will additionally present a series of new collages that explore the relationship between the […]

Debo Eilers | Kristen Brätsch – Kaya 2

Painting Performance and Live Auction, Saturday, March 24, 6-9PM   You have a beautiful childhood in Mexico City. You meet the girl. Life is perfect.   She moves to Manhattan and you follow her. Every day you go to work and wear elegant suits. You walk down Madison Avenue. Living large! In Manhattan! With the […]

Fiona Connor – Murals and Print

For its inaugural exhibition, Various Small Fires (VSF) is pleased to present Fiona Connor. In response to VSF’s newly completed gallery space, Connor has built six freestanding white walls mounted on casters, constructed on-site in the gallery. Each wall is treated with a different white surface texture sampled from building exteriors around Venice Beach. Connor’s walls […]