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Jesper Just

  VSF is pleased to present Jesper Just’s first solo exhibition at Various Small Fires. In the Main Gallery is a single-channel video projection of Llano (2012), filmed on location among the dusty Antelope Valley ruins of the failed Socialist-utopian desert city Llano del Rio in north-eastern Los Angeles County. The film seeks to explore […]

April Street – Lay Down Your Arms

VSF is pleased to present Lay Down Your Arms, Los Angeles-based artist April Street’s first solo exhibition at Various Small Fires. Street uses three spaces of the gallery to weave a dialog between a sound work, a sculptural installation and performative paintings. The exhibition is an environmental menagerie of objects and sounds severed from their […]

Joshua Nathanson – Labor Day

VSF is pleased to present Labor Day, a solo presentation of new painting by Los Angeles-based artist Joshua Nathanson, his first at VSF.   Inspired by the frenetic crowds of James Ensor, the vibrant color combinations of Henri Matisse, the cartoonish abjection of Philip Guston, and the back-lit aesthetics of computer drawing software, Nathanson’s paintings […]

Josh Kline – You’re Fired

In the warm breeze of Southern California’s endless summer, the 20th Century dream of life in the early evening after work: a large backyard covered in concrete and grass, a hammock or a lawn chair, cold beer, and a blazing grill. Ground meat sizzling above a glowing bed of charcoal soaked in lighter fluid. Underneath […]

Bjorn Copeland – Over Easy

CV   VSF is pleased to present Over Easy by Bjorn Copeland, a presentation of new sound, sculpture, and collage works for the gallery’s Sound Corridor and Viewing Room.   Amplified through VSF’s Sound Corridor, Scrambled Eggs, Mexican Radio Edit (2015) is a live audio signal from a sound-producing sculpture, made in collaboration with the […]

The Slick & The Sticky

… In conjunction with The Slick and The Sticky, a VSF panel discussion is being held on Thursday, August 6th, at 7:30pm. Andrea Fraser Amelia Jones Vanessa Place Hamza Walker Moderated by Esther Kim Varet Panelists discuss the role of the artists, curators, and critics in addressing work that escapes its intended institutional frame, and the question of the […]

Jim Drain – Seems/Seams

CV VSF is pleased to present Jim Drain’s solo exhibition, Seems/Seams. After spending the past decade in Miami, Drain recently moved back to Providence, Rhode Island, where he had attended RISD and was a member of the artist collective Forcefield. Using processes derived from his background with textiles and collage, Drain takes a radically visceral approach […]

VSF Sound Program by Audio Visual Arts

Audio Visual Arts and Various Small Fires are pleased to present E. Jane & chukwumaa, the third and final round in AVA’s sound program in VSF’s corridor.   My purpose is to create new language, new meaning, new imagery from the vast lexicon around me —“Black”, “White”, or “Other”-wise. Is sound the solution to angst? The 15-year-old […]

Mernet Larsen – Chainsawer, Bicyclist, and Reading in Bed

“As if I were leaving this life and had to take with me only a very few concrete images: this is what it was, not good, not bad, just what stood out. Not ephemeral, not photo or film-like, but memory turned into object, monumentalized.” — Mernet Larsen   Various Small Fires (VSF) is pleased to […]

Anna Sew Hoy – FACE NO FACE

VSF is pleased to present FACE NO FACE, Anna Sew Hoy’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. FACE NO FACE explores the beauty and horror of veils lifted. Each sculpture contains its own empty space manifesting a shocking void, an open closet in the dark, or a wide-open mouth. The works take as their starting […]

Liz Magic Laser – The Thought Leader

ARTIST PAGE   VSF is pleased to present the premiere of two new video works by Liz Magic Laser: The Thought Leader (2015) and My Mind is My Own (2015). Each video will be installed alongside related props and sculptures. This is her second solo exhibition with the gallery.   For The Thought Leader, Laser […]