Lauren Bon & The Metabolic Studio
Closing Performance
February 2, 2019

February 2, 2019 3–5pm
Please join us for a closing performance of the Portable Wetland for Southern California by Lauren Bon and The Metabolic Studio.
The Portable Wetland for Southern California has been established. It has been three months since the work was first installed in the courtyard at Various Small Fires. A separate sound piece, Symphony for the Portable Wetland was scored and used throughout the installation to facilitate the growth of the plants. The native plants have now matured and the wetland will be moved to a new installation site where it will be used to cleanse Los Angeles River water. 
Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio will break ground this spring with Bending the River Back Into the City. The portable wetland has been designed as part of this project. Water lifted from the LA River will be cleansed and distributed to a network of parks in downtown Los Angeles. These parks are built on top of the floodplain of the LA River but this floodplain has not received water from the river since it was channelized in in the 1930s. Lauren Bon is working to reconnect the water and its floodplain and in doing so, support the life web. The portable wetland will allow for the filtration that naturally occurs in a floodplain to happen above ground in any location with any kind of salvaged water. Once water leaves the wetland and before it is distributed, it is temporarily stored and sound waves are used to keep bacteria from forming on the water.
The power of collective sound making has been uniting people for centuries. Together the Metabolic Studio works on sound as a means to communicate with one another. We gather weekly to sing together under the direction of Ms. O-lan Jones and part of our practice is learning songs from other countries and times. Ms. Jones has been composing original music for the Metabolic Studio choir – pieces that she sees as exaltations of the qualities they bring to the world as individuals and as a team in conjunction with Lauren Bon’s work. 
For the closing event, Metabolic Studio’s choir will perform at Various Small Fires. Our team includes glass harp artist Douglas Lee. Glass playing as a musical practice began over 300 years ago with ensembles playing individual struck glass bowls in China and Persia. The practice spread to Europe where people began playing glasses by rubbing the rims of the glass with the tips of their fingers. This particular instrument is between 100 to 200 years old and consists of a four-octave range of crystal glass bowls manufactured to pitch.