Performance of [readings 51 - "The Recital"]
Mark So
December 20, 2014

Two readings by Mark So at VSF this Saturday!

4pm in the Outdoor Courtyard
5pm in the Main Gallery

VSF and John Tain, co-curator of the sound program for Artificial Complexion, are pleased to present Los Angeles-based composer Mark So’s self-accompanied recording/reading of “The Recital” from John Ashbery’s Three Poems (1972) this Saturday, December 20, 2014 at VSF.

Presenting an ongoing piece that he has been making since June, So will continue to read through the above poem again and again – mostly to himself – accompanied by a looping tape recording that will occasionally pick up the surroundings as well as a few passages read aloud. Registering the passage of time as the text passes along our present, accumulating spacing and recorded residues even as the process continually erases portions of the audible and inaudible traces from its previous life- this is and this isn’t a simple reading of the poem. Mostly silent, its residual “memory” gives rise to something both real and distinct while immediately blending into the surroundings…

Mark So has produced a vast output of scores, tapes, and ephemera over the past decade, including a series of some 300 pieces concerning the poetry of John Ashbery. So’s work explores ordinary situations in various open frames of perception and action, proceeding through simple means of recording/transcription/reading as well as changing experiences of silence.