Frieze London: Andrea Longacre-White

October 16 - 20, 2013 

Andrea Longacre-White concerns herself with the inevitable human-like failures of our industrially designed and mass-produced technological gadgets. Commercially available products and unique images short-circuit one another in a limitless series of reconfigurations and reproductions that foretell their own obsolescence.


In her presentation at Frame, Longacre-White’s photographic reproductions of non-pristine iPads and their disrupted digital and web representations comingle with 3-D printed facsimiles of Apple’s flagship products and their auxiliary power systems. In all instantiations of these ubiquitous devices, corporate logos are stripped away (as if they were needed in the first place) in order to emphasize the non-functional and not-available-in-stores nature of Longacre-White’s reproductions. The sense that these supremely modern tools are already in the process of becoming historical relics looms overhead. Yesterday’s brand-new accelerates headlong into her mausoleum of today. By compulsively applying extremes of repetition, misuse, and entropy, Longacre-White is grasping for the humanity embedded in these hermetically immaculate products, and in us.


Andrea Longacre-White
Born 1980
Lives in Los Angeles
American artist Longacre-White has been the focus of solo exhibitions that include ‘The Existing Term Has Become Inadequate’, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles (2012), ‘Pad Scans’, West Street Gallery, New York (2011), and ‘Dark Current’, Rental Gallery, New York (2010). She recently participated in the ICP Triennial, International Centre for Photography, New York (2013). She has contributed to group exhibitions at venues such as Brand New Gallery, Milan (2013), Bischoff Weiss, London (2012), and the New Museum, New York (2010).