VSF Sound Program by Szu-Han Ho: The suffering pond

Opens Saturday November 12, 2022 in conjunction with Lily Wong, I Will Wade Out and Donghoon Rhee, Woman


The suffering pond is constructed from found frequencies inspired by stories of anti-colonial resistance in Taiwan. Like objects stacked to form a street barricade, the sounds in this piece are stacked to form an interlocking architecture of protection, porosity, and improvisation. Vocal recording of "Rainy Night Flower" by Jui-Lien Chou.




Szu-Han Ho’s work in performance, sound, and installation explores the relationship between bodies and sites of memory. She often works collaboratively, through collective action, structured improvisation, and group composition. Recent projects include “MIGRANT SONGS,” a choral performance art piece incorporating stories and songs of human and nonhuman migration, and “Shelter in Place,” a sculptural installation and performance inspired by her family’s history in Taiwan. Szu-Han lives and works in Tiwa Territory (Albuquerque, NM) and is a founding member of the fronteristxs collective. Szu-Han is currently an associate professor in Art & Ecology in the Department of Art at the University of New Mexico.