Kathryn Garcia: A Tanit

A Tanit is an offering, a sanctuary, a portal. It is a space for communion.


The intention of this installation, informed by matriarchal cultures, is very simple – construct a temple. The temple proposes several questions: What is the body’s relationship to form / its relationship to emptiness? How does one perceive emptiness / how vast is emptiness?


Emptiness is a space where the ego dissolves, and within that space there is communion, clarity, and relief. It is a surrendering, a becoming-one-with the breath, the sun, the sand and the ocean. It is called luminous-awareness, and it is bright, present, blissful, jewel-like and divine.


This installation will host three community-driven healing events during its exhibition lifespan. Reiki Healing Sessions with the Artist on Opening Night, a Healing Sound Bath with Sat Purkh of Rama Institute on April 21st, and A Guided Meditation and walk-through with the Artist.



Kathryn Garcia (b. 1978, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works between Los Angeles and Ibiza. Inspired by travels to ancient and sacred sites, Garcia works in a variety of media, including site-specific performance, sculpture, and drawing. Provocative and oftentimes interactive, her works investigate the feminine archetype and its relationship to human consciousness. Early on in her career, Garcia worked on international projects with Javier Peres, Emi Fontana and Rirkrit Tiravanija, such as Daddy the Magazine (2007) Women in the City (2008), Palm Pavilion (2008) and Asile Flottant (2010). Garcia’s work has been exhibited in the US and abroad, including 356 Mission, Blum and Poe, and Harmony Murphy Gallery, Various Small Fires, all in Los Angeles; Pace Gallery, Invisible Exports, GBE, Participant, PS1-MOMA, all in NY; Ballroom Marfa, Texas; The Power Station, Dallas; Nina Johnson, Miami; Southard Reid, London; Embajada, Puerto Rico; Arredondo/Arozarena, Mexico City; and DESTE foundation, Greece.