Andrea Longacre-White: The existing term has become inadequate

Various Small Fires is pleased to present the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Andrea Longacre-White (b. 1980, lives and works in Los Angeles).


The title, The existing term has become inadequate, comes from the wikipedia page for the term ‘retronym’ (“A word introduced because an existing term has become inadequate; “Nobody ever heard of analog clocks until digital clocks became common, so ‘analog clock’ is a retronym”). The exhibition continues the artist’s long standing interest in the photography/technology/digital mediation nexus. Cinder blocks (the building block of the space’s physical landscape) collide with pixels (the building block of a digital landscape) in photographic scans, excavating finger prints, dirt and web-in-between spaces. Works move between the physical and digital, each embedded with the evidence of use and reuse. Longacre-White’s interest in error is as if forcing a machine to pronounce or admit its humanness.


For the first time, a series of floor collages accompany Longacre-White’s framed images on the wall. These point to the floor as a space unstable and open for a different kind of experiment. Additionally, a single sculpture, separate from any photographic process, further explores the gallery architecture. The possibility of escape into another world goes offline.



Andrea Longacre-White (b. 1980, Radnor, PA) is based in Los Angeles. She studied at the Royal College of Art, London, and Hampshire College, MA. Exhibitions include: STADIUM, New York; Higher Pictures, New York; Marlborough Chelsea, New York; Foxy Production, New York; Michael Kohn, Los Angeles; Bischoff Wiess, London (all 2012); LA><ART, Los Angeles; Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany; Greater LA, New York; West Street Gallery, New York (solo)(all 2011); Greater LA, New York; Leo Koenig Projekte, New York; New Museum, New York; Rental Gallery, New York (solo)(all 2010); Swiss Institute, New York (2009).


To hear a studio conversation between the artist and the gallerist that took place 10/11/12 in anticipation of the current exhibition, dial anywhere from your mobile phone: (310) 359 – 6017